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LUXURA ELITE is the largest luxury fashion community in Romania.

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LUXURA ELITE BOUTIQUE is the spearhead, a carefully curated online and physical space where you can find preowned luxury pieces appraised and authenticated to a very high level of expertise and accuracy.

The Luxura Elite team is dedicated to finding the most sought-after and desired ultra-luxury pieces from the world’s biggest brands, pieces that you can confidently welcome into your wardrobe.

All of our ideas and efforts have come to life around the idea of community, of women wanting carefully curated luxury pieces. Thus was born, LUXURA CLUB EXCLUSIVE – with just over 30,000, sellers & clients, demandingly selected members, who have built with us an ethical, trusting relationship, full of potential and beauty. Because selling and buying luxury pieces is more than a simple act of trading, it is about understanding the power of luxury, the identity of the great brands, the desires and, why not, the frustrations that these pieces arouse.

Welcome to the LUXURA ELITE journey – www.luxuraelite.ro!
From here the road has several alternatives (all favourable), let me be your guide:

Why we


Comprising an extremely narrow category of brands, differentiated in Luxura Elite Boutique, which caters to the public in search of extremely rare and precious jewellery products, it is a filter that brings together the top pieces in one place to make your online shopping journey more enjoyable and comfortable.


It is one of the values on which we have built the LUXURA ELITE universe. This translates into meticulous authentication of all products that enter the Luxura Elite Boutique and Luxura Club Exclusive by experienced fake busters via the detailed images we receive from the seller. Absolutely all pieces are evaluated for quality, brand conformity, authenticity.


Your journey can start in the CONSIGNMENT, where you can present us with a luxury piece or several that you own and want to sell, we evaluate and authenticate it, then if it passes our quality and authenticity tests, we determine together what value it will be listed at in the boutique.

Fast Sale

Another direction is FAST SALE, Luxura Elite Boutique evaluates and authenticates the product and we fall in love, so we decide to put it in our portfolio and buy it directly from you, the seller.

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